Natural rheumatoid arthritis pain relief

How can you achieve rheumatoid arthritis pain relief naturally?

Rheumatoid arthritis leads to aches, pains and stiffness in various parts of the body, particularly the knees, wrists and the spine.

The pain so caused can be frustrating as it can limit mobility severely and keep people from leading a normal life.

A student nurse suffering from rheumatoid arthritis describes her experience thus:

“At this point, I felt so terribly unwell with pain, stiffness and fatigue. I couldn’t see that there was any way out of the dark hole I found myself in”.

As you can see, rheumatoid arthritis is not a disease that can be taken lightly. It affects every facet of your life and can bring your career as well as your personal life to a grinding halt!

That is why it is important to learn more about rheumatoid arthritis pain relief.

Medicines for relieving rheumatoid arthritis:

A number of medicines are available for pain relief. In the early stages, analgesics and NSAIDs may be effective in curbing the pain and increasing movement.

As pain becomes severe, it is necessary to move on to different medications because the old ones simply stop working.

Doctors may then recommend the use of corticosteroids and other medications for rheumatoid arthritis pain relief. However, these medicines are not devoid of undesirable side effects.

Long term use can impact the overall health of patients. That is why it is recommended that patients undergo regular check-ups and ascertain that they are free of side effects.

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Natural rheumatoid arthritis pain relief:

Fortunately, a number of natural remedies exist that can help patients with rheumatoid arthritis find relief from the pain and discomfort caused by symptoms.

But, before we get into natural pain relief remedies, it is important to understand that not all forms of natural remedies are equally effective.

Some are more effective while others are slow in their effectiveness. While looking for natural remedies, it is important to find the right combination of medicines.

  • Diet changes : Medical practitioners believe that certain foods like flour, sugar and red meat can cause food allergies that in turn lead to inflammation within the body. When inflammation rises, pain also increases. Including a number of foods in your diet also helps reduce inflammation. These include fish oils and supplements like calcium, glucosamine and MSM. These supplements have a therapeutic effect on inflammation.
  • Foods like blueberries and cherries are rich in flavonoids, which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Boswelia is another effective herb that provides natural arthritis pain relief. Turmeric also helps reduce inflammation within the body.

The advantages of using natural rheumatoid arthritis pain relief are many:

  • No side effects
  • Brings about healing from the inside
  • Safe for long term use
  • No reaction with other medicines

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