Top 8 tips to relieve arthritis pain

What can you do to relieve arthritis pain? Plenty.

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that can result in excruciating pain and limitations in movement. Often, arthritic pain can make normal life difficult, if not impossible.

It can rob you of the simple joys of life, leaving you to play the role of a spectator as life passes you by. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of effective arthritic pain management.

There is only one way to get over chronic arthritis pain: medication. However, medication is not without certain harmful side-effects. Unfortunately, as arthritis becomes worse, pain and disability also tend to increase, making you more dependent on medication.

However, you can make life much easier and more comfortable by combining the following techniques with the right medication and exercise. This will help relieve arthritis pain significantly.

    * For arthritis knee pain, it is important that you build the strength of your bones, muscles and joints through gentle exercise like yoga, walking or swimming.

    Avoid high impact exercises like jogging. Use proper equipment, apparel and shoes while exercising to relieve the pain.

    * For arthritis back pain relief, learn to maintain good posture. Sit in a chair with proper back support. Do not lift heavy items.

    If at all you must lift heavy objects, lift from your knees so that pressure is removed from the lower back. Avoid standing or sitting in one position for too long.

    * Arthritis and joint pain are very much related. So, if you know that joint pain is due to arthritis, you must consider the intake of certain food supplements that can help reduce inflammation.

    This includes Glucosamine Sulphate, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM), Omega -3 fatty acids and grape seed extract. These help relieve arthritic pain.

    * It is believed that problems in metabolism could be a contributing factor in developing arthritis. Therefore, it is important to maintain a food dairy. Avoid foods that could cause allergies. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains and fish.

    * Sometimes, changes in temperature and weather can lead to flare-ups. In these cases, make use of hot and cold treatments to relieve pain. By applying a hot or cold compress, it is possible to relieve arthritis pain without the intake of painkillers.

    * You must learn how to go about accomplishing your daily chores with the least amount of strain. For instance, if your job requires you to type on the computer, you must consider installing voice recognition software, thereby relieving your fingers of the hard work.

    So also, there are certain times of the day when pain is at its peak. Avoid working at such times.

The above tips must be combined with effective arthritic medication to relieve arthritis pain completely.

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