5 simple strategies to prevent Arthritis easily

Is enough being done to prevent arthritis?

It wouldn’t seem so, considering the sheer numbers of people suffering from the disease. By the year 2020, it is said that the US alone will have more than 60 million arthritic patients, in all age groups!

Half the problem is that many people simply accept that the disease is a necessary evil associated with aging. But, this is not true.

You do not HAVE to suffer from the pain and frustration of arthritis. A few simple strategies can help you preventing arthritis altogether or at least delay its occurrence significantly.

The definite cause of arthritis is not yet known. Factors like genetics and age do play a role and they are beyond our control.

But, medical experts have identified certain common aspects that speed up the progress of arthritis. By minimizing these factors in your life, you can delay or prevent arthritis altogether. Here are some tips:

    1. Since arthritis is a condition that attacks the joints, cartilage and the muscles, avoid any activity that puts unnecessary, repetitive stress on these parts.

    For example, if you find that you are standing for long periods in the course of your work and this is leading to unnecessary pain and stiffness, change your routine.

    People who exercise a lot, play regularly or undertake heavy physical labor have to take extra care to prevent arthritis.

    2. Weight management is vital if you want to prevent arthritis. The heavier you are the more stress there is on your internal systems. By reducing weight, you make it easy for your body to carry out its normal activities with minimal wear and tear.

    3. Related to weight management is another important aspect of preventing arthritis – proper nutrition. Instead of taking in foods rich in chemicals, additives, oil, sodium and fat, it is recommended that you take in healthy, natural, nutrient rich foods.

    There is some debate regarding certain foods that could cause arthritis. We still do not have any conclusive proof regarding this, but it is prudent to avoid foods that trigger undesirable reactions in you.

    4. If you’re the type who likes to guzzle colas, coffee and juices instead of pure, plain water, it is time to change your priorities.

    Keeping the body hydrated is like lubricating your machine parts. When everything is working seamlessly, your body has less cause to complain.

    5. Lastly, there is a one stop solution for most health problems faced by people – exercise . Exercise strengthens muscles and makes them flexible. Endurance exercise adds volume to your bones, and repairs and builds muscles.

If you want to prevent arthritis, you need to start caring for your body. Discipline and simple, commonsensical strategies boost your chances of leading an active and satisfying life.

After all, why allow carelessness and ignorance to rob you of your fair chance at life?

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