Pet arthritis – is your pet in danger?

Pet arthritis is a common enough occurrence. Some surveys show that arthritis affects approximately 25-30% of pets. Although it is more common in dogs and horses, arthritis can also affect other pets like cats and birds.

As in humans, arthritis in pets is painful and debilitating. Symptoms too are similar with pets showing stiffness, pain, swelling and tenderness in the affected joints.

Arthritis can severely impact your pet’s health and well being. It also influences the animal’s ability to perform common activities like walking and running. With the onset of arthritis, an active, happy pet can suddenly become listless and dull.

The most common types of pet arthritis include:

    * Osteoarthritis

    * Degenerative joint disease

    * Hip, knee or elbow dysplasia

    * Osteochondrosis

    * Shoulder degeneration

    * Arthritis in the wrist (carpi)

    * Kneecap dislocation

How can you detect arthritis in your pet?

Symptoms are plain to see and observant pet owners cannot miss these symptoms for long. Reluctance to walk, limping, yelping with pain, reluctance to get up and put weight on all joints, resisting touch, inactivity and disinterest are common in pets when they develop arthritis.

If your pet shows any of the above signs or is at risk of developing arthritis due to weight problems or even its pedigree, it is highly recommended that you learn more about the particular kind of arthritis your pet is suffering from.

Can you treat pet arthritis?

Although arthritis cannot be cured, treatment can help pets lead near normal lives. So, as soon as the pet shows symptoms, it must start on pet medication for arthritis.

The intake of certain supplements like glucosamine and changes in lifestyle can also help pets overcome the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

How to manage pets arthritis?

In spite of arthritis, many pets lead happy, long lives. It is all about managing the condition effectively. Proper medication, regular checkups, gentle exercise and the use of certain supplements can help your pet remain active and energetic.

On the other hand, ignoring the condition and leaving off treatment until symptoms become unbearable can make it that much harder for your pet to regain normalcy in life. Just as in humans, immediate medical attention is the first line of defense again arthritis in pets.

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