Osteoarthritis explained – risk factors exposed

Osteoarthritis explained – Risk factors exposed Osteoarthritis explained simply and exhaustively: What causes it and what are the risk factors Osteoarthritis explained – what does it mean?

Osteo’ means bone, “arth” means joint and ‘itis’ means inflammation. The word is therefore self-explanatory: inflammation of the bones and the joints surrounding the bones.

Osteoarthritis is most commonly found in weight bearing joints like the neck, knees, hips and joints. Joints that are extensively moved, like those in the fingers, also develop symptoms. Inflammation in the toes or feet is called gouty arthritis.

Osteoarthritis explained – what causes it?

Osteoarthritis may be attributed to four causes:

  • Overuse
  • Injury
  • Disease
  • Wrong movement

Overuse is most commonly seen in athletes or people who are engaged in strenuous physical activities involving the spine, knees and the hips. People who are on the road too much have to watch out for their spine. That is why this form of arthritis is also called degenerative arthritis.

Injury can lead to the formation of scar tissue. The formation of these tissues leads to changes in movement, which ultimately leads to arthritis many years after the injury.

Diseases like rheumatism, psoriasis and gout lead to arthritis. Microorganisms get into the blood and attack the synovial linings in the body. Over a period of time, this causes inflammation and arthritis.

Wrong movement is one of the leading causes of osteoarthritis. When joints move improperly, the blood supply to these areas may be cut off. In cases where excess pressure is placed on the joints, arthritis develops due to excessive stress.

Learn more about what causes osteoarthritis and what the risk factors are.

Osteoarthritis explained – treatment options

Typically, treatments include the intake of pain killers, muscle relaxants and medications that help relieve symptoms of pain and reduce inflammation. However, effective management of arthritic pain may be achieved through a combination of osteoarthritis treatments – medicinal as well as others.

Osteoarthritis explained – Diet

Diet plays an important role in the management of osteoarthritis. What you eat decides the occurrence, severity and regularity of flare-ups.

The right diet for osteoarthritis can help you manage the condition effectively and lead a normal, symptom-free life.

According to estimates, more than 72 million Americans could develop osteoarthritis by 2030. That is a whopping figure! If you believe that your chances of developing osteoarthritis are high, then, seek medical help now. Taking the right precautions may delay or avert the development of symptoms altogether.

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