Important information about arthritis

Do you have sufficient information about arthritis? You’ll need it if:

* You are over the age of 40

* You have a family history of joint or bone problems

* You suffer from joint pains

* You are involved in jobs or activities that are physically demanding

* You are overweight

According to a survey conducted by NIAMS, more than 37 million Americans suffer from different kinds of arthritis at the present time.

Incoming information about arthritis indicate that this number will rise significantly to almost 59 million by 2020 as the current generation of baby-boomers age.

In any case, arthritis statistics suggest that arthritis is already the leading cause of disability in Americans who are over the age of 15. Clearly, this is a disease to be wary of.

Arthritis information – the types:

There are different kinds of arthritis. In fact, arthritis is not a single condition. There are over 100 different types of arthritis. Broadly, arthritis may be divided into:

Rheumatoid arthritis, temporal arthritis and lupus arthritis are the most commonly occurring forms of infectious arthritis.

Non-inflammatory arthritis includes osteoarthritis, arthritis of the thyroid and traumatic arthritis.

Information about arthritis – What causes it?

Since arthritis is so widely prevalent, it is advisable to understand what causes arthritis. Just as there are different kinds of arthritis, so also, there are different causes for developing arthritis.

Among these, lifestyle factors are probably the most significant. So, what you eat, what you do, how much you exercise and so on can determine whether you develop arthritis as you grow older and how bad the symptoms are.

That is why every individual, particularly those with greater tendency to develop the disease, must gain sufficient arthritis insight. This helps them steer clear of risk factors of the disease and thus prevent arthritis altogether.

Information about arthritis: Symptoms

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for arthritis. So, it is not possible to cure the disease completely. However, early detection can help arrest deterioration of symptoms.

That is why it is important to start treatment as soon as patients begin to notice the symptoms and signs of arthritis.

But diagnosing arthritis is somewhat difficult because symptoms overlap, although each kind of arthritis has certain prominent characteristics.

For example, pain in the joints is a characteristic symptom of arthritis. However, this symptom cannot be taken as conclusive evidence of the presence of the disease. Doctors conduct several examinations before they diagnose the disease.

Information about arthritis: Living with arthritis

Although arthritis cannot be cured, it may be managed quite effectively. Once patients know the secrets of dealing with arthritis , they do not have to stand by and watch this crippling disease interfere with their lives.

The right medication along with changes in food habits and the proper exercise for arthritis can help patients bring pain and inflammation under control.

This makes it possible for patients to lead a more or less normal life in spite of the disease.

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