Is your lifestyle leading to inflammatory arthritis?

According to estimates, inflammatory arthritis is the most common form of arthritis worldwide. In the US itself, of the 46 million people who are arthritic, a majority suffer from this form of arthritis.

As the name suggests, this kind of arthritis results from inflammation. Interestingly, this inflammation is the direct result of the body attacking itself.

That is why this condition is called an autoimmune disorder. Bacterial infection and elevated levels of uric acid in the blood can also lead to inflammation.

Inflammatory arthritis is terribly painful, and therefore easy to spot.

Role of lifestyle factors

One of the best ways to prevent, delay or arrest the development of this painful condition is an awareness of what causes it.

While some factors like genetics and age are beyond our control, certain lifestyle factors also contribute directly to inflammation and arthritis. These can be controlled.


Obesity is widely accepted as one of the leading causes of arthritis. Extra pounds put tremendous pressure on joints and cartilage, leading to excessive wear and tear. Losing weight can greatly reduce the risk of arthritis.


Nutrition plays an important role. A diet high in nutrients like natural Vitamin C slows the progress of arthritis.

A study conducted by the University Of Manchester Medical School showed that a diet that was high in carotenoids drastically reduced the risk of developing this form of arthritis.

That is why it’s healthy to eat oranges and yellow fruits as opposed to taking in artificial juices or diet supplements. It was also seen that large amounts of red meat increases the risk of developing this form of arthritis. So, the motto is: eat sane to enjoy good health.

Lack of water:

Your cartilage and muscles contain large amounts of water. So, your body needs lots of water, not only for maintenance but also for purification.

Gout or pseudogout results from high concentrations of uric acid in the blood. Water can control this. Mind you, colas, juices, tea and coffee do not count as ‘water’!

Lack of exercise:

Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of arthritis. Gentle, regular exercise is great for your health. That said, tough physical activity increases the risk of inflammatory arthritis because of excessive wear and tear in bones and joints.

So, professional weightlifting, heavy manual jobs and sports like football and hockey may lead to inflammatory arthritis.

Patients suffering from inflammatory arthritis often say that their condition is worse than death. Extreme pain, severely limited mobility and emotional problems can destroy the desire to live. Sadly, a definite cure for arthritis is yet to be found.

So, if age or genetics puts you at risk of developing this condition, it is a good idea to take sufficient precautionary measures well ahead of time.

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