Home Remedies for Arthritis: Relief Without Going Out

Home remedies for arthritis are increasingly popular because the pain associated with arthritis can make it difficult for patients to seek treatment outside of the home.

When the pain of arthritis is this severe, there is great comfort in knowing that there are simple options that you can administer at home.

It is important to note that not all home remedies for arthritis will work for everyone and that the results will vary greatly between patients.

There are a lot of home remedies that you do for yourself – with your body and protecting your body – that act as home treatments – simple enough to perform at home every day.

Protect Yourself

The following are all home remedies for arthritis that involve very little – if anything. They are more like modifications to your daily routine that will reduce your pain and swelling and improve your physical condition.

  • Never kneel or squat – This is terrible for your hips and knees
  • Wear Gloves – The extra padding prevents you from gripping items too tightly (overstraining your joints), and it can help increase the circulation in your hands (as you squeeze against the padding).
  • Wear Supportive Shoes – Running and walking sneakers are your best bet even if you are not running or walking. They offer great traction, support, and comfort. Avoid heels whenever possible.
  • Watch what you eat – Know what foods can trigger symptoms and stock up on foods that alleviate your symptoms.
  • Support your back and shoulders – Avoid carrying large bags or handbags. And for you amply-busted women, a bra with the proper support can make an enormous difference in pain.
  • Avoid being sedentary for long – Even if you are in pain, sitting or laying for too long will worse symptoms and increase stiffness and pain.
  • Step Up – Work you must do that involves strain on your neck from looking up can be painful. A step-stool, stepladder, or ladder puts you on the same level as your work.
  • Relax – Find a hobby you love that involves light movement. Music, meditation, painting, gardening, crafts, sewing, model kits, and other hobbies can be wonderful home remedies for arthritis because they help you feel engaged, productive, and they gently work and strengthen sensitive joints.
  • Use caution with Hot & Cold – Both temperature extremes offer relief from arthritis pain, however, extended use can be counterproductive. Limit either home remedy for arthritis to 10 minutes at a time.
  • Restrict Your Movement – It is a good idea to use slings, splints, and other immobilizing devices as home remedies for arthritis because by limiting the movement of your joints, you can reduce pain and inflammation. Limit your wear to no more than 2 days at a time – longer can weaken your muscles.


Exercise is a wonderful home remedy for arthritis because it keeps you strong, active, and flexible. Ideally, you will do some light exercise every day, but at least three times a week.

  • Stretching
  • Walking
  • Slow dancing
  • Low impact aerobics
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Bike riding – Stationary best
  • Very light weightlifting – no more than two pounds

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