Fish Oil Arthritis Treatments: Facts & Benefits

Fish oil arthritis treatments have been at the foreground of popular arthritis treatments recently and with good reason.

Fish oil can help relieve your painful arthritis symptoms as well as work to reduce internal factors that cause those agonizing symptoms.

Fish Oil Introduction

Fish oil is simply the oil that is derived from fish (cold-water fish like salmon and tuna) that contains the wonderfully valuable omega 3 fatty acids – DHA and EPA.

These fatty acids have been known to have very positive effects on several aspects of your health, but for those of you suffering from arthritis, fish oil can bring about some astonishing relief.

Fish oil also has almost no negative side effects as compared to traditional over-the-counter medications and prescriptions. While fish oil cannot repair or reduce existing damage, it offers relief in several other areas.

Fish Oil Arthritis Treatment for Inflammation

The Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil can be directly effective in reducing the swelling of your joints.

Fish oil may also contribute to decrease swelling by blocking inflammation agents that work within your body. Since inflammation is the number one cause of pain with your arthritis, this is great news.

Fish Oil Arthritis Treatment for Stiffness

Additionally, fish oil has wonderful lubricating properties that help to lubricate your joints and facilitate smoother functioning.

Fish Oil Arthritis Treatment for Pain

Fish oil is not a pain reliever. It does not have analgesic properties. What it does do, however, is relieve the underlying causes of your arthritic pain.

By decreasing inflammation and stiffness, your pain is also reduced. A welcome relief!

How to Obtain a Fish Oil Treatment?

1. Eat fish! Your best choices are cod, halibut, herring, mackerel, salmon, and tuna (Watch out for mercury content!)

2. Capsules – 30% EPA/DHA (the essential oils) concentrations are recommended

3. Chewable pills

4. Actual liquid oil

5. Note: Pay attention to dosages and additional ingredients

Fish Oil Cautions

1. Be cautious of interactions with other medications you take (especially NSAIDs)

2. Always be mindful of mercury content

3. Use only in moderations. Significantly over-using fish oil can cause bleeding conditions.

Overall, fish oil has become one of the best natural alternative treatments for your arthritis.

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