Top recommended diet for arthritis

Following the appropriate diet for arthritis is vital to managing the disease effectively.

So, if you’re on a typical diet of burgers, colas and alcohol, your arthritis could become worse sooner than you think.

Diet and arthritis: what is the link?

According to a research paper that evaluated the effect of food supplements and placebos in patients suffering from osteoarthritis, it was seen that the food supplements appeared to reduce the need to take in analgesics and NSAIDs (medications for pain and inflammation).

Another study showed conclusively that a gluten free vegan diet could have an anti-inflammatory response in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Thus, there seems to be a clear link between diet and arthritis although the exact nature of the link is not yet clear.

What is disallowed in a diet for arthritis?

Let’s first examine what the offensive foods are.

Sugar, red meat, chemical additives, coffee, butter, margarine, chocolate, salt, red peppers, tomatoes, egg plant, potatoes, white flour, yeast, dairy products and saturated fats are taboo.

The reason these foods are bad is simple: they cause allergies, affect hormonal balance and increase inflammation. Each of these factors has an impact on the health of your bones and joints.

Recommended diet includes:

Healthy Fruits:

Fruits that are full of Vitamin C are particularly good. Examples are blackberries, strawberries, mango, peach and cantaloupe. Apples have anti-inflammatory properties and are good for you.

Fibrous vegetables:

Veggies that have high beta carotene content are particularly good. Carrots, squash, spinach, sweet potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and greens are examples.


Nuts that have high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids are good for the body. Pumpkin seeds, walnuts and almonds need to be included in a healthy diet for arthritis patients.

Whole foods:

Unprocessed foods are rich in fiber. They also have plenty of nutrients that destroy free radicals and enhance the health of bones, muscles, skin, tissues and cells.

In addition, whole foods improve waste elimination because they are bulky. They also keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer periods of time because of their fiber content.

This prevents overeating. Whole foods control inflammation and are good for patients suffering from different kinds of arthritis like osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Alkaline foods:

Arthritis patients have high levels of acidity which is one of the reasons for inflammation. So, the best diet for arthritis patients is one that is rich in alkaline foods. Sugar, coffee, meat, gluten and dairy may increase acidity.

Recommended alkaline foods include:

  • Green leafy vegetables, aloe vera, barley grass, wheat grass, alfalfa and parsley.
  • Drinking plenty of water also helps bring down acidity levels.

Although the exact diet for arthritis is still somewhat unclear, personal experiences and research suggest that eating healthy, wholesome, home-made foods is generally good for arthritic patients.

These foods keep weight down, fight inflammation and strengthen muscles, bones and joints.

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