Shocking arthritis statistics – a wakeup call

Take a look at these shocking arthritis statistics:

  • Arthritis is the leading cause of physical disability in the US. In fact, 19 million Americans stop work because of it.
  • According to a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 294,000 children under the age of 18 suffer from arthritis in the US. That’s one in every 250 children!
  • A recently published CDC study found that the total treatment cost for adult arthritic patients in the US increased from $252 billion in 1997 to $353 billion in 2005. That’s an increase of 22%! The climbing costs of prescription drugs and ambulatory care are behind this whopping increase.
  • By the year 2030, CDC estimates that the US would have about 67 million adult arthritic patients.

What do these chilling arthritis statistics mean to you?

Going by these shocking arthritis statistics, it is easy to see that arthritis is a pandemic waiting to happen. The main reason behind this is the lack of awareness.

To most people, arthritis is a disease that affects the aged. Not so. Arthritis can affect anybody, regardless of age and sex.

Actually, two in every five people in the US suffering from arthritis are between the age of 45 and 64. One in every five persons in the age range of 18 to 45 suffers from arthritis in the US. So, this is far from being an ‘old man’s disease’.

Unfortunately, in spite of its worldwide spread, there is no clarity about what causes arthritis, prevents it or how to cure it. This is yet another shocking fact!

However, the effects of arthritis may be controlled. To reduce its impact, it is important that patients follow a two-pronged strategy.

    1. Early diagnosis: Doctors generally diagnose arthritis based on several symptoms of pain, like difficulty in climbing the stairs, crackling in the affected joints and response to trauma.

    2. Effective arthritis management: Medical experts agree that arthritis is caused mainly by problems in metabolism and poisons in the tissue and blood.

    These can eat away at the bones and tissues, leading to inflammation. Proper food intake, weight reduction and the intake of medication can ease symptoms and allow patients to enjoy near-normal lifestyles.

But the most significant impact these shocking arthritis statistics should have on us is a burning desire to eliminate the risk factors that lead to arthritis.

Healthy foods, regular exercise and taking in plenty of water are some important steps in the right direction.

When these preventative steps are backed by periodic health examinations, people have a good chance of avoiding the massive cost associated with arthritis – not just on their purse strings but also on the quality of their lives.

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