Arthritis Gouty Treatment

Of all forms of arthritis, gout is one of the most painful. So arthritis gouty treatment is a subject matter of much anticipation.

Some statistics first:

According to NIAMS, 1 in 363 Americans suffer from gout. 5% of all reported cases of arthritis is gout. It is believed that more than 2 million people in the US alone suffer from gouty arthritis.

What causes Gout?

Gout is characterized by high levels of uric acid in the blood. This results in inflammation and the formation of crystals in certain areas. Hard lumps of uric acid form near the joints. So, obviously high levels of uric acid contribute to gout.

However, it has been seen that elevated uric acid levels are not a must for gout. Interestingly, many people with elevated uric acid levels in their blood may never develop gouty arthritis!

So, what is the best arthritis gouty treatment?

Elevated levels of uric acid form deposits called tophi, which impede joint movement in patients. Unfortunately, reports show that tophi can lead to bone erosion and joint damage in the long run.

Therefore, immediate treatment of gouty arthritis is vital for preventing joint damage.

Arthritis gouty treatment follows a three-pronged approach.

    1. The first aspect of treatment of gouty arthritis is to bring pain and inflammation under control. Potent analgesics and pain killers are used to manage the intense pain associated with gout.

    2. The second aspect is to manage and reduce inflammation as early as possible. Corticosteroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines help achieve this.

    3. The last aspect of the treatment is the use of medicines for managing the metabolic problem underlying the condition. This generally involves bringing uric levels under control through medication, diet control and exercise.

Medicines that control uric acids may work in one of two ways: they may increase the excretion of uric acid or they may bring down the production of uric acid in the body. The most common medications include Allopurinol, Probenecid and Sulfinpyrazone.

New research shows that certain medicines can even help in bringing down the inflammation associated with gouty arthritis. However, these medications are still being tested. Since gout is so common, arthritis gouty treatment is evolving.

Because of the pain and inflammation caused by gouty arthritis, it is important to take measures to stop the occurrence of symptoms altogether.

Preventing an attack of acute gouty arthritis apart arthritis gouty treatment :

1. Drink plenty of water

2. Eat healthy, wholesome foods as part of the arthritis gout diet. 3. Lose excess weight

4. Gentle, regular exercise

5. Regular intake of recommended medication

6. Regular blood tests to ensure that uric acid levels are kept under control

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