Top tips for arthritis back pain relief

Looking for arthritis back pain relief? You’re not alone.

Lower back pain is a wicked thing because it attacks you from nowhere and can very nearly bring you down. But, with all the technological advances available to us, we do not have to put up with recurring back pain at all.

The key to back pain relief:

The most important step towards arthritis back pain relief is to find the cause of the pain, whether it’s osteoarthritis, lumbar arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis .

There are more than hundred different kinds of arthritis. So, you need to discover which one is affecting you. You can then take the doctor’s advice regarding medication, exercise and pain management for your particular condition.

These additional tips can help patients achieve arthritis back pain relief:

  • Adequate rest: Adequate rest is vital for arthritis back pain relief. If you find yourself standing for too much time, avoid this as it adds to stress levels. Similarly, repetitive stress to the back through activities like bending or lifting must be avoided.
  • Heat application: For some people, heat application is the best possible way for arthritis back pain relief. A recent study published by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in the ‘Spine’ magazine showed that applying low levels of heat for 8 hours every day eased back pain even more than pain killers like ibuprofen. The heat applied may be dry (lamps, heat wraps or packs) or moist (warm baths, applying a warm washcloth etc). Use whatever works best for you. Some people like a warm application before bed while others like it just after they get up.
  • Cold application: When pain is severe and sudden, arthritis back pain relief may be found by applying something cold. This is because cold reduces swelling and pain and restricts fluids from flowing into surrounding tissues. However, cold applications tend to numb the area. Therefore, cold applications must be limited to the first 24-48 hours after pain starts, for 15-20 minutes. After this, you must move on to heat applications.
  • Physical therapy: A physical therapist can help patients achieve long term arthritis lower back pain relief. Not only does therapy improve circulation in these areas, it also strengthens muscles, thereby enabling patients to regain better range of motion.
  • Hydrotherapy: Working out boosts the production of inflammation-fighting agents in the body. Working out in warm water allows muscles to relax as they strengthen. If you do not have access to a heated pool, exercises in a warm bathtub or spa also help.
  • Back rub: Massaging the area relaxes tightly wound muscles. A study at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine showed that people who suffered from chronic back pain could control pain and pain related conditions like depression if they received 20-30 minutes of massage everyday. However, massage must be undertaken by a specialist. Ask your doctor to refer you to a professional massage therapist.
  • Bundling it up: Restricting movement through the use of a corset or brace may be helpful for lower back pain relief. Such a device reduces pressure on the discs, cartilage, muscles and tissues.
  • Exercise: Not your regular kind of strenuous exercise, but gentle movements as seen in Yoga or Tai Chi are helpful. These exercises improve flexibility, muscle tone and bring back good range of motion.

Several alternative therapies like acupuncture and hypnosis are known to reduce lower back pain. The above tips along with proper medication can help bring arthritis back pain relief.

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